Saturday, January 19, 2008

Giving Books - FAQs

How are my books used by

Brimsbooks will sell your books online for money. We currently do this through Amazon ( to buyers in the UK. The money made will then be passed to Grassroots, a registered charity (, for their work among orphans in Tanzania.

How much of a cut does take from each sale?

Brimsbooks makes no money at all from its charity book sales - the entire profit goes to Grassroots. Each book is sold for the best price brimsbooks can get, amazon takes their cut, postage and packing is paid for and then the profit is left - this all goes to charity. Brimsbooks may benefit from good buyer feedback but makes no direct financial benefit.

What if you can't sell my book through Amazon?

Nearly all books can be sold online and generate money. However, if for some reason the book does not sell online brimsbooks is actively exploring other selling avenues. We may build stock and open a bricks and mortar charity book store.

I don't have 25+ books to give - is it worth getting in touch?

Do get in touch! If you live close by, or the books are of particular value we'll probably come and take them from you. Best to email and see what we can do!

If you have more questions do leave a comment or drop us an email!

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